I’m Iria Carballo. I’m a seasoned translator who can translate your documents and online content from English to Spanish or Galician.

Would you like to know how can I help you?

I can help you to achieve effective communication, in Spanish or Galician, as only a professional and native speaker can do.


I can help you to publish impeccable text on your website or in your business communications.

How do I do it?

Medical translation
English - Spanish / Galician

Do you need to communicate with patients, colleagues, medical agencies, or the general public in Spanish or Galician? Do you have patients who do not speak English? Or maybe you want to attract new international clients? I can translate your medical communications, brochures or web content from English into Spanish or Galician, ensuring confidentiality and accuracy. I will help you achieve clear and effective communication, using precise and correct medical terms, which will improve your relationship with your patients or clients.

What kind of medical documents do I translate?

  • Patient information brochures
  • Forms for patients, medical personnel
  • Reports, diagnostics, and billing paperwork
  • Disease-specific care programs
  • Marketing material (surveys, reports, etc.)
  • Protocols
  • Informed consent
  • Text from the clinic’s website
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Do you need translation from English to Spanish or Galician of written material from other specialties? Due to my insatiable curiosity and active mind, I also have experience translating communications from other fields such as fashion, ecommerce and journalism. Don’t hesitate to contact me to see how I can help you.

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Proofreading and editing

This is a broader service, which is not restricted to the medical / healthcare field. Because although precision is essential in the field of medicine and healthcare, it is also essential for any professional with a digital presence who wants to transform visits to their website into sales.

To gain the trust of potential customers and encourage them to buy your products or services, it is essential that your message comes across smoothly, professionally, and without interruption or misunderstanding. In order to achieve this, your writing should not only reflect correct grammar and spelling, but also utilize language and phrases that a native speaker would feel comfortable with. To this end, I can make suggestions for stylistic improvements in your documents. 

After I correct, edit or revise your text, you can publish it in Spanish or Galician with the assurance that there are no latent errors, misprints or confusion.

What kind of texts are we talking about?

  • Web content (home page, about me, services and contact)
  • Sales pages
  • Blog articles
  • Product information and marketing materials

Ask for more information without commitment or request my CONSULTANCY service.

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About me

I am a certified English to Spanish and Galician translator specializing in translation of documents in the fields of health and medical marketing. I am a native Spanish and Galician speaker, and have more than two decades’ experience in studying English, a bachelor’s degree in English Philology, extensive university coursework in Biology, and a master’s degree in specialized translation for the medical field.

My main objective is to translate medical information aimed at patients and the general public. I also translate corporate communications for organizations in the fields of medicine and technology.

Maintaining and improving the quality of my work is very important to me, which is why I take many training courses. You can see the most recent ones or request a copy of my CV here.

I am a professional member of the Spanish Association of Translators and Interpreters (Asetrad).

I am curious and detailed, and my way of working has garnered excellent…

feedback from colleagues and clients:

‘High-quality translator who follows instructions carefully and adheres to deadlines faithfully. Often goes the extra mile to review details and confirm terminology. Highly recommended.’
International language solutions provider
‘Iria’s work for our company has always been of the highest quality and delivered on time.’
Spanish translation agency
‘Iria is a guarantee of seriousness in the quality of her work, as well as in her personal and professional treatment. Punctual and methodical in her functions as a translator, she also offers great methodological flexibility, which is appreciated when working with more specialised texts. Everything she demonstrated as a student -rigour, academic excellence and disciplined delivery - she now demonstrates as a professional translator. She is, without a doubt, the person who can be trusted most for a quality and efficient translation’.
Dr. Eduardo Barros
tenured professor University of Coruña, Spain.
‘Iria has been a volunteer translator for Global Voices since April 2014. It's been almost five years that we've been lucky enough to have a collaborator who is always willing to contribute with punctual and precise translations, and who doesn't hesitate to take on extra work when necessary’.
Gabriela García Calderón Orbe
lawyer and editor at Global Voices.

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Are you looking for a medical translator from English to Spanish, or a proofreader? Contact me! I will be happy to help you.

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Because translation is a creative process that requires specific training and deep understanding of language. It is not a matter of simply changing words from one language to another, but of adapting the contents of one culture to be properly expressed in another. Only a professional has the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to perform a quality translation adapted to your needs.

  • First, contact me to discuss your needs, or simply email me the documents you need translated or corrected. All documents will be treated confidentially.
  • After reviewing the documents, I will email you a non-binding quote and a possible delivery date.
  • Once you accept the budget, I’ll start working on your project. During the process, I will convey any challenges or questions that may arise in order to find the most appropriate solution.
  • When the translation or proofreading is finished, I will return the completed documents to you by email.
  • I will finalize the project after you have reviewed it and given your approval.

I treat all data and documents confidentially. In addition, I comply with the code of ethics of the Spanish Association of Translators (Asetrad), given my status as a professional member.

Bank transfer. Both the method and the terms of payment will be included in the budget. Acceptance of the quotation implies acceptance of these aspects of the payment. Once the amount has been received, I will send you the invoice, in euros, with the data you have provided.

'Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.'
Gunter Grass

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