Continuing Professional Development


  • DTP with InDesign. Cálamo y Cran, 2019.
  • Writing for the web. Cálamo y Cran, 2018.
  • Translation of protocols. AulaSIC, 2018.
  • Spelling and grammar for translators. Cálamo y Cran, 2018.
  • Automatic translation and post-editing. Cálamo y Cran, 2017.
  • Post-editing certification. SDL, 2017.
  • Punctuation workshop. Cálamo y Cran, 2017.
  • Practicum in medical translation (with P. Mugüerza). AulaSIC, 2017.
  • Style guidelines for translating and writing scientific texts (with Gonzalo Claros). AulaSIC, 2016.
  • Writing in the Sciences. Stanford online, 2015.
  • Professional proofreading. Cálamo y Cran, 2015.



  • ‘Marking corrections in PDF format’, with Mariana Eguaras. UniCo, 2019.
  • Correction series: «Open your eyes (to the proofreading of other text)», organized by Asetrad, November 2018. With the following webinars:
    • ‘Grey’s Linguistic Anatomy’, with Mercedes Pacheco.
    • ‘”With the norm on the heels’, with Mercedes Tabuyo.
    • ‘Quotations, bibliography, standardization and other ‘, with Judit de Diego Muñoz.
  • ‘Scientific orthotypography for correctors’, given by Javier Bezos. UniCo, 2018.
  • ‘Marketing translation: writing to sell’. Asetrad, 2018.
  • Round table about marketing and advertising translation, organized by Asetrad, April 2018.
  • ‘Everything you always wanted to know about translation (and you didn’t dare ask)’, with Alicia Martorell. Asetrad, 2016.
  • Spanish Society of Modern Languages Congress, Seville, 2015 and 2016.
  • Galenguando. Molino de Ideas, Vigo, 2015.
  • The Art of Writing Scientific Texts (with Gary Smith). Alexandria Library, 2015.
  • Round table on translation in international organisations. Asetrad, 2015.
  • ‘Recurring doubts: use of gerund, various ‘isms’ and expressions prone to error’. Asetrad, 2015
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